A simple guide on
How to
plant your cactus

Place mesh in the bottom of the pot.

Add the Mesh

Step 1.

Pour in the soil, leaving 2cm space from the top of the pot.

Now the soil

Step 2.

Use the stick to make a hole for your plant.

Dig some space

Step 3.

Use the tongs to gently place your plant into its new home. Pour the remaining soil around to cover the roots.

Then Plant

Step 4.

Use the stick to gently press the top of the soil down around the cactus to support it.

Patting down

Step 5.

Dress with a top layer of healing crystals for added woo. Insert your plant label.

Dress your cactus

Step 6.

It's time to Embrace the woo

Place your cactus in indirect sun for 7 days to avoid sunburn.

Do not water for a week.

Seriously it'll be fine.

After a week, you can introduce it back to direct sun. Position under cover (eg. porch or sunny window sill) to control water intake.