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A Sacred Cactus Growing Kit is a perfect gift idea for the plant lover in your life.

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From Peyote Buttons to Trichocereus Hybrid

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Dress your cactus soil with a crystal in your favourite colour, or according to birth month or your life intention.

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Each growing kit comes with BONUS potting essentials, including a bag of premium cactus soil, durable stainless steel cactus label, and other essential tools to help you start potting.

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Each Growing kit comes packed with:

• 1 x Your plant of choice

• 1 x Your pot of choice

• 1 x Cactus Styling Crystals of choice

Plus the essentials

• 1 x Premium Cactus potting soil mix 

• 1 x Drainage hole mesh

• 1 x Durable Stainless steel plant label

• 1 x Stick (to act as your digging tool)

• 1 x Watering pipette (fuss-free way to water your plant easily)

• 1 x Tongs (to help get your cactus comfy and make your hands spike-free)

• Step-by-step printed card to help you get planting

Our growing kits come carefully packed.
We aim to send our products in environmentally-friendly packaging material. Please recycle.

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What others are saying

"Your cactus kits are amazing! I had fun with this."

- Rani

"I just received an early Christmas present and I LOVE IT."

- Olga

"A special little plant. Thank you so much."

- Amy

"Putting together the Sacred Cactus Kit was super easy - my 8 year old was able to complete it all by himself"

- Nicola

"It’s the cutest."

- Isabel