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Sacred Cactus Growing Kits. Extraordinary gift ideas for the extraordinary people in your lives.

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Unique, ugly and mutant cactus for the unloved sunny corners of your home.

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Woo Plant: an alternative to typical house plants.

We're for the botanically curious. Because there's more to the house plant world than fiddle leaf figs and monsteras. We offer sacred and rare plants, and also unique and mutant cactus. We like to celebrate the ugly in nature and life, all the spiky and strange moments.

Looking for a gift? Embrace the woo by creating your own Sacred Cactus Growing Kit for yourself or a loved one. Can't Decide? Browse our pre-designed bundles.

What others are saying

"Your cactus kits are amazing! I had fun with this."

- Rani

"I just received an early Christmas present and I LOVE IT."

- Olga

"A special little plant. Thank you so much."

- Amy

"Putting together the Sacred Cactus Kit was super easy - my 8 year old was able to complete it all by himself"

- Nicola

"It’s the cutest."

- Isabel

Featured Mutant Cactus

Brain Cactus

Why Cactus?

The cactus is a symbol of resilience. It is a mysterious plant, visually striking, rich in history and best of all low-maintenance. Cactus are the underdogs of the plant world, often overlooked for other leafier, smoother, classically beautiful plants.

We're on a mission to bring some woo to the world by making it easy for anyone to grow the most spiritual and sacred of all plants, at home.





Unconventional belief seen as having little to no scientific basis, usually  relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine."Crystal healing is just for the woo crowd."