Large Brain Cactus in Black Skull Planter Bio Pot - Mammillaria Cristata 8-10cm

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Looking for a large brain cactus in a large skull pot? It's hard. The nurseries seem to stock the small brain cactus (4cm) with tiny 7cm skull pots. We know you want bigger. 

That's why our Brain Cactus in Skull Planter kit is large. It comes as a pre-potted kit that's boxed up for you and ready to give as a really special and unique gift for your plant loving friend. You can also keep it yourself. 

What's the pot made from? Glad you asked! It's corn starch base and 3D Printed here in Australia. Yep, it's durable, water proof (good thing!) and degradable. A much more bio friendly than plastic or resin. It's 3D Printed by a local artist in Australia and yes, it has a drainage hole. 

The full kit comes with the cactus, plus white Howlite crystals to dress the cactus with. 

What’s in this kit?

  • 1 x Large Brain Cactus
  • 1 x Large Black Skull Planter pot (corn starch based 3d printed) with drainage holes
  • Premium potting soil 
  • White howlite crystals


Cactus length: 8-10 cm

Skull planter: 15cm 


The brain cactus is fully rooted and well established. The kit will be sent potted and ready to gift, or keep. 


Mammillaria, Cristata


The cactus you receive is a living plant and will vary in appearance, shape and size to the one pictured. As these are hybrids the colour of the spines can even vary.

Fun Fact

The brain cactus is a "crested" form of the Mammillaria cactus. Rather than growing straight fingers, they crest and swirl around to resemble a brain.

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Easy as 3 steps.

1. Choose your plant.
2. Choose your pot, then
3. Choose some crystals for added woo.

Your kit contains potting essentials, mini tools and a step-by-step guide to planting. Includes FREE shipping.

What else is inside the kit?

Each Growing kit comes packed with:

• 1 x Your plant of choice

• 1 x Your pot of choice

• 1 x Cactus Styling Crystals of choice

Plus BONUS essentials

• 1 x Premium Cactus potting soil mix 

• 1 x Drainage hole mesh

• 1 x Durable Stainless steel plant label

• 1 x Stick (to act as your digging tool)

• 1 x Watering pipette (fuss-free way to water your plant easily)

• 1 x Tongs (to help get your cactus comfy and make your hands spike-free)

• Step-by-step printed guide to help you get planting