Extra Large 7cm Astrophytum Cactus Potted Bundle

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This Astro is big. How big? 7cm in diameter. The size of a fist, really. 

Only one in stock. 

It's a beautiful healthy plant with a flourishing root system; this extra large Astrophytum is a must for any collector looking for an older, big Astro. 

We've even done the hard work for you and potted it up. It's ready to go, and we will send potted. 

This potted bundle comes with an endangered Extra Large Astrophytum Cactus, grown from seed right here in Australia. 

What’s in this kit?

  • Extra Large Astrophytum Cactus: 7cm
  • Pinja Terracotta White - Mini Pot
  • 50g Rainbow Moonstone "Conquer unconscious thoughts"
  • 200g Premium Cactus potting soil mix 
  • 1 x Drainage Stones

Astrophytum Asterias. Cute as a button, listed as endangered. 

Astrophytum Asterias is commonly known as the 'Star Peyote'. It's native to Mexico and Texas, and inhabits similar regions. It looks like the Peyote in many ways, and grows side by side in the same habitats. 

Land clearing has pushed the Astrophytum cactus to the point of extinction. The US government has placed it, along with Peyote, on the federal endangered plants list. Its situation is pretty dire; only three known populations exist. And the total estimate is 4,000 surviving plants. 

Help keep Astros from going extinct by growing them at home. As there is no psychoactive ingredient, they are legal to grow in all states of Australia (of course, our shipping restrictions still apply). 


Name: Astrophytum Asterias (Star Peyote)
Size: 7cm
Age: 5 years


Our Astros, like all our awesome buttons, are grown from seed by Aussie cactus growers. They feature developed root systems and are disease free. Some might have marks and wrinkles, but that's life. It shows on all of us. 


The cactus you receive is a living plant and will vary in appearance, shape and size to the one pictured.


Astrophytum Asterias are often mistaken in the wild for Peyote. Poachers have often harvested them in with Peyote.

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    Easy as 3 steps.

    1. Choose your plant.
    2. Choose your pot, then
    3. Choose some crystals for added woo.

    Your kit contains potting essentials, mini tools and a step-by-step guide to planting. Includes FREE shipping.

    What else is inside the kit?

    Each Growing kit comes packed with:

    • 1 x Your plant of choice

    • 1 x Your pot of choice

    • 1 x Cactus Styling Crystals of choice

    Plus BONUS essentials

    • 1 x Premium Cactus potting soil mix 

    • 1 x Drainage hole mesh

    • 1 x Durable Stainless steel plant label

    • 1 x Stick (to act as your digging tool)

    • 1 x Watering pipette (fuss-free way to water your plant easily)

    • 1 x Tongs (to help get your cactus comfy and make your hands spike-free)

    • Step-by-step printed guide to help you get planting