Tephrocactus articulatus 'Diadematus' - "Conez n I" Pine Cone Cactus

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Shrivelled stem of weirdness. 

*Plant only. Purchase as a discounted kit below listing. 

"Conez 'n' I" is our poster child for Celebrating Ugly. This tall single pupped Pine Cone Cactus is one of the most unique looking plants you could ever find. 

Tephrocactus articulatus 'Diadematus'  grows as a nearly spineless cactus, with looks that resemble a pine cone - hence its common name. This is a great addition  for any collector, as its almost spineless Pink body is quite uncommon and looks so unique. 

They are very hardy and can be grown outdoors in a dryer climate or in an undercover position It is great plant for indoors in a sunny spot

Growing up to 30cm in height, it's the perfect weirdo to fit a small space and become the ugly feature you've always wanted. 


Height: 15cm
Age: 2 years


This listing is for the plant only. It is also available as a bundle with pot, soil, and styling crystals.

This plant has a hole in it just below the pup, which is fully healed. It was the result of a pup that didn't mature This plant will be supplied bare rooted. 

Growing process

This plant started as a cutting of a section and has been rooted. Healthy, tough and ready to be weird at your place. Can be grown in bright spots indoors, or in full sun. 

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Tephrocactus articulatus 'Diadematus' - "Conez n I"  Pine Cone Cactus

Tephrocactus articulatus 'Diadematus' - "Conez n I" Pine Cone Cactus

Regular price $42.00
Sale price $42.00 Regular price