'The Axe' Monstrose Pachanoi - Mutant Cactus

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Striking. Sacred.


There’s no feature plant like a monstrose sacred cactus. Rare, sacred, one of a kind… you can’t get a more unique gift for a plant lover.

Axe is showing some beautiful mutations, including strong cresting that splays out to one side like the blade of an axe against its handle.

If you want an insight into some of the awesome oddness that awaits the lucky owner of The Axe check out the little mini axe-like growth down towards the base. That is a little ‘pup’ that’s grown out and will continue to grow bigger as the plant grows.

In case you’re wondering, a crest is a form of mutations in cactus where they develop multiple points of growth. Rather than shooting straight up with a vertical growth, a crest can make the plant look like it is unfolding. Sometimes they fan out and form beautiful sculptures.


Height: 15cm
Age: 2-3 years.


Torres & Torres x Olivia

The Torres & Torres Pachanoi clone is said to have been discovered in northern Chile, while Olivia is also a Pachanoi clone, with strong monstrose tendencies.


‘The Axe’ is a beautiful strong mutant that shows no sign of wanting to grow in all its weirdness. It was grown as a graft on Pereskiopsis Spathulata here in Australia by one of our country’s best growers. It is a de-graft, with a fully developed root system. It’s ready to be planted in a big pot, and will love full sun and good water.

Growing process

Grafting is the art of taking two cacti and grafting them together to create a new and unique plant. The ‘scion’ is the grafting stock (the plant that will transfer its growth to the new plant). The graft is the new plant, which has been grafted onto the scion. Grafting takes a lot of skill to create a happy healthy plant, care to keep it growing on the root stock and then more skill and care to detach the graft (degraft) and then ‘root’ the plants, so it has its own root stock.

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'The Axe' Monstrose Pachanoi - Mutant Cactus

'The Axe' Monstrose Pachanoi - Mutant Cactus

Regular price $125.00
Sale price $125.00 Regular price $175.00